Posted: 2010-12-17 / Updated: 2018-02-07

Since I added the handwriting feature to the website a month ago, a lot of you have dragged your mouse and created some beautifully shaped pictorial characters for the site.

I am not a big fan of insisting writing in the correct stroke order, but still, as the one who builds a language learning website with East Asian languages, I think I am responsible for pointing out the general rules of how to write Asian characters in the correct stroke order.

Written hangul follows the rules of Chinese calligraphy. The basic rules are: left to right,top to bottom, and outside in. There are some areas that even native writers may not agree with each other, but if you randomly start writing a vertical straight line bottom up, then I doubt if many native writers will appreciate your creativity.

Let’s take a look at how to write each of the consonant jamo of hangul. Pay special attention to how , and are written. When you are done with consonants, go to page 2 to see the stroke order of vowels.